Incidental diet consists of simple weight loss tips which can help you lose weight very easily


Incidental diet - weight loss

Incidental diet

Losing weight is hard. Losing weight without even trying seems like a dream for many people out there.  But, there is good news for all such people out there. There are certain weight loss tips and tricks wherein you can get a great figure sans effort. The incidental diet is composed of such tips where with the help of subtle dining cues, such as a bigger fork or a smaller plate, you can theoretically trick yourself to eat less food. This incidental diet path is cheap and easy and most importantly, it’s doable.

Incidental diet – weight loss tips

The incidental diet does not consist of any specific diet plans or heavy exercises. It is basically just a compilation of some very simple weight loss tips which can help you lose weight over time. For the benefit of our readers, the salient points of this incidental diet are as follows.

   1- Always start a meal with a glass of water.

You’ll stay hydrated and feel fuller instantly, which prevent you from overeating.  

   2- Choose healthy foods.

Opt for fresh fruit instead of dried in the incidental diet as this can save you lots of calories. Eat fresh vegetables instead of cooked and sautéed ones.  

   3- Have a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

Have a piece of dark chocolate when you feel the need for sugar. You can save calories while having a healthy yet decadent treat.  

   4- Be diligent with portion control.

The epitome of the incidental diet is portion control. If you want to lose weight, sticking to the right portions at every meal is important. Use smaller plates to visually signal that your meal will satisfy, and put away leftovers, so you’re not tempted to go back for seconds. 

   5- Move more.

Even if you’re exercising each day, try and burn a few extra calories by making an effort to move a little more during the day. Taking breaks to walk around the office, opting for the stairs instead of the elevator are all simple ways to up your calorie burn.  

   6- Don’t drink your calories.

Sodas, morning juice, and alcoholic drinks are all full of calories which can really add up. Stick to water, green tea and fruit juices in order to save on important calories. 

   7- Don’t go hungry too long.

A little hunger can be good for you, but starving yourself all day in order to binge eat at night is unhealthy. Eat your meals on time in order to avoid low blood sugar levels that cause you to crash. 

   8- Snack on high-protein, high-fiber foods.

When it’s time to snack, steer clear of the high-calorie options like chips and crackers, and go for protein and fiber rich foods which taste good and fill you up too. You’ll be able to eat fewer calories while still feeling satisfied. 

   9- Eat a light, early dinner.

Try to have a light dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed. Eating too much too late can cause digestion and sleep issues that make it hard to stick to a healthy routine. 

   10- Get more sleep.

Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more throughout the day and not have enough energy for your workouts. So, as part of the incidental diet, aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Follow the incidental diet today!

The incidental diet technically can’t be described as a diet plan per se. It is basically a group of weight loss tips which will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Incorporating these weight loss tips into your daily life will not only make it more enjoyable, but you will also begin to see how easy it is to lose weight without really trying. This 2014 start it today!

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